Unfettered Horizons

What even is this?

This is a tabletop roleplay system, or at least the rules for one. I'm still working to put things together and so everything is currently open to change. That said, I'm now happy with the core of the system and a lot of what remains to be done is fleshing out content, applying minor rebalances and re-writing things that aren't clear.


  • 21.04.14 - Numerous changes and adjustments across system, Advantages and Disadvantages added, races replaced with backgrounds and heritages, fixes added in characters section to reflect removal of stats.
  • 1.7.13 - Added in character generator, user logins and password management with access via pull down menu in top left. logins currently by invitation only.
  • Added market prices for alchemical items and adjusted craetion costs to be half market price.
  • 19.6.13 - Adjusted racial bonuses for Elves and Half-elves to bring them in line with other races while retaining desired flavour. Half elf disadvantage still under review.
  • Added additional tinkering items
  • Fixed dead gods link and bug where edges weren't displaying in Firefox
  • Partial listing of Gods added. Still missing a preamble and several deities.
  • All arcane skills are now keyed to Insight to stop Reason being OP and to make a better division between magic and science.

What's happening with this?

I'm currently making small adjustments to the system and interface intermittently, the core of the system is stable and in a place I'm happy with but felshing out the setting and adding in a page to the user area to manage groups and allow for a 'game room' are still on my to do list.