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Archetype: Agile You are fast and hard to hit
Archetype: Strong You are big and strong
Artisan You are trained at a craft.
Field Medic You can heal serious wounds easier and faster.
Heroic Reputation You are a big damn hero.
Likeable You get on well with people, making it easier to get information.
Lore You have some knowledge of a subject
Master Craftsman You are a highly skilled craftsman
Nocturnal You gain a bonus to stealth and awareness in the dark.
One With the Darkness You can hide in any shadow and are almost invisible at night.
Persona You have an alternate identity.
Reckless Descent You can fall almost any distance and land safely.
Scholar You have excellent knowledge of a subject
Streetwise You gain a bonus to some checks while in towns and cities
Survivalist You are used to surviving in harsh environments.
Wilderness Ghost You gain a bonus to some checks and can't be tracked.
Woodsman You can survive in the wilderness and track.


Armour Training Penalties for wearing armour are reduced by 1.
Bash! Throw people about while brawling.
Brute Knock enemies back when you hit them.
Careful Aim You gain double bonus when preparing to shoot a ranged weapon
Combat Instruction Warn allies of incoming attacks.
Combat Intimidation Unsettle opponents who can hear you.
Crack Shot You can strike with precision when using a bow
Defensive Posture Get a bonus to defence if you don't attack.
Disarm Disarm your enemies when you hit them with your off hand weapon.
Duelist Gain advantage whenever you inflict a wound.
Humanoid Shield Use enemies as a shield.
I've had worse You can ignore one wound (serious or otherwise) per combat
Inspire Inspire your allies, granting bonus attack and minimum defence.
Knife Fighter You can use the ranged skill to attack with daggers in melee.
Lightning Fast Defend as though you hadn't attacked while brawling.
Nice Guys Finish Last Take down unaware targets with ease.
Poor Impulse Control You'be been known to lose your temper...
Quickdraw Draw any of your weapons at a moment's notice.
Riposte Deal serious wounds more easily when counter-attacking.
Shield Bash Inflict serious wounds with your shield.
Shield Specialist You can use your shield to defend nearby allies.
Skirmisher Gain a bonus to attack and minimum defence if you moved this turn.
Stand Still Stop enemies fleeing.
Takedown You can deal two wounds instead of a serious wound if you choose to.
Target Rich Environment Being surrounded or outnumbered is an advantage not a disadvantage
Unexpected Reversal Swap places with opponent on a successful counter-attack.
Zen Defence Bonus to minimum defence while unarmed and unarmoured.


Alchemical Affinity Potions you drink last longer.
Alchemical Attunement Beneficial effects from potions you drink are increased.
Alchemist You know how to mix alchemical substances together and can make batches of potions
Field Alchemist You can do alchemy pretty much anywhere.
Internal Brewery Seeker: Create and mix potions internally
Potion Store Seeker: Store potions internally
Trained by von Trappe Bonus to mixing potions and they last longer.


Arcane Talent You can learn arcane skills.
Archmage +1 to all Arcane skill checks
Dissonance Give people freaky visions
Enchant Item You can imbue items with magic effects.
Master Animator You can permanently animate an item
Reactive Earth Armour Put up Earth armour when attacked
Slow and Steady You get bonus to ritual checks but a penalty to spontaneous casts.
Stone Shaper You get a bonus to Earth checks when working with stone.
Talented Animator You can ritually animate objects better
Windwalker You can solidify air while you're moving.


Communion Get an answer to a question once a day
Comprehension Learn any language given time.
Consecrate Sanctify an area or item.
Direction You can't get lost and can always find your way to a temple.
Divine Gift You have been given divine power by your god. Allows purchase of divine edges.
Divine Sight See in the dark, bonus to awareness checks
Divine Voice Bonus to social and scary. Give compelling speech once a day.
Inquisition Know when you are lied to.
Obfuscation Hide or change your aura
Precognition You can't be caught by suprise
Protection You are protected from all mundane sickness, disease and poison.
Purification You can purify food, drink and corpses.
Sacrifice Receive additional boons
Unstoppable You heal very, very fast.
Vision You see visions

Edges are inherent or trained abilities that your character has. Unlike skills you don't have to make a check to use an edge, although edges can affect skill checks you make.